Title: Three-Dimensionally Modeled Stereogram Objects


Nango Co., Ltd. has acquired the patent right for
the technology of "a stereogram display body and its method of production."

three-Dimensionally Modeled Stereogram Objects

Nango Co., Ltd. (Uji, Kyoto; President and Representative Director: Tadashi Nango), a company in the metal machining industry, has acquired the domestic (Japanese) patent rights regarding "a stereogram display body and its method of production." Anticipating the spread of new developments in the world of stereogram, we are moving forward with commercialization.

[ Patent Overview ]
Patent No. Japanese Patent No. 5121082
Name of Invention A stereogram display body and its method of production
Registration Date November 2, 2012
Overview Three-dimensional modeling technology for the "stereogram" picture technique

The "stereogram" is a picture technique in which an image of illustration or other picture that is entirely different from what looks like a mere simple pattern appears when you look at the pattern with intentionally unfocused eyes. It is an example of so-called "optical illusion art."

Until this time, such stereogram had only been depicted on flat surfaces such as printed objects. With the original techniques of Nango Co., Ltd., however, we recreate stereograms with three-dimensionally shaped objects by forming irregularities in thick metal. If you shift the focus of your eyes and gaze at the center portion of what appears to be a simple pattern, such image of rabbits or sailboat will appear.

trick art with a flat surface

A conventional stereogram:
illusion art on a flat surface

three-dimensionally modeled trick art

A stereogram featuring
three-dimensional art

We have acquired the patent right for the technique for realizing this conception. Further, this three-dimensionally modeled product received the Gold Prize in the Die/Molding Category at the "8th Cutting Dream Contest Awards," a processing technology contest held by DMG Mori Seiki Co., Ltd .

"Stereogram Solid Molding Object" - A kind of illusion art.


the Gold Prize in the Die/Molding Category

In terms of their regular appearance, stereograms appear to be simple designs. However, if you shift the focus of your eyes and once again gaze at them, a picture appears in a certain portion of them. This surprise and impact leaves a strong impression on the people who look at them. With our patent technology, we have become able to display stereograms by forming irregularities on the flat surfaces of not only metals, but all kinds of components . This technology can be applied to the walls of buildings, interior decorations, tableware, general goods, and more.

At the current time, we are exploring commercialization together with research organizations including universities, as well as various organizations in the consumer sector, including the construction sector, in order to advance product planning and development. We will advance commercialization in order to spread the new world of three-dimensional modeling to stereograms, which had been limited to the two-dimensional world of items such as paper surfaces and computer screens until this time.

details (blue frame)details (orage frame)

Image are hidden in three-dimensional patterns

reference image

A completely made-to-order system is possible for stereogram production.

• Hidden pictures can be anything.

Here are some things that can be incorporated as hidden pictures:
• Illustrations, photographs, text-based messages, numbers, and more
Any image converted in to digital data. such as a JPEG, can be modeled into a stereogram.
If you do not possess digital data, we offer a digitizing service.
(There are some instances in which detailed pictures are difficult to make out when turned into stereograms.)

The mechanism for seeing stereogram hidden pictures.

Figure: the mechanism for seeing stereogram hidden pictures

As this is an image expression method in which hidden pictures become three-dimensionally visible when you intentionally shift the focus of your eyes, your focus will not be on the board surface; the contour of the hidden picture will appear in your blurred field of vision.

This stereogram technology can be put to other uses.

• Hidden image are recreated utilizing irregularities

Any image (including characters, illustrations, messages, number combinations, etc.) converted into digital data, such as a JPEG, can be used for a hidden picture on objects with irregular surfaces, such as wallpaper, outer walls, leather goods, and more.
Why not aim to distinguish your company's products by adding a stereogram function?
(Please consult with us for the details of commercial production.)

Hidden picture are visible even on photographs of three-dimensional modeled stereograms.

Intentionally bring your eyes out of focus and gaze vaguely.
Did something appear? (Hint: A kanji character is hidden.)

Did something appear?

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